The Diocese of New York

A word from the Bishop:Dietsche_official

While visiting parishes in towns and neighborhoods across the diocese, I am delighted and heartened by the prevailing desire to help neighbors in need.  With adequate funding and support, that desire takes flight through after-school programs, community kitchens, summer camps, programs for the incarcerated and so much more. 

As the official outreach arm of the diocese, Episcopal Charities works to ensure that these programs have the resources needed to serve their local neighborhoods and towns.  Of course, it all begins with a generosity of spirit shared by those with a place in their heart for those less fortunate.  Whether as a donor or as a hands-on volunteer, I encourage you to join in.


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 The Rt. Rev. Andrew M L Dietsche

Besides being an essential partner in all of our work, the Episcopal Diocese of New York contributes a generous amount toward Episcopal Charities’ budget so that, combined with contributions from our Board, all of the overhead and administrative costs are covered. This means that whenever you make a donation, 100% of your gift goes directly toward serving outreach programs in New York. Read more about the Diocese here.