While our annual Basic Human Needs and Youth Opportunity Grants serve to fund programs’ operation year after year, sometimes programs require funding outside of the realm of normal expenses. Our Program Investment Grants are one-time grants which help to kickstart new outreach ministries, or to fund capacity-building projects at existing ones. We have funded renovations, new equipment, and new staff positions–all with the goal of increasing our programs’ reach, effectiveness, and sustainability. Read about programs that have received Program Investment Grants below, or learn how to apply here.

The Community Food Pantry, St. Mary's Mohegan Lake $8,278

The Community Food Pantry
St. Mary’s Church, Mohegan Lake

1836 East Main St., Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Phone: 914-528-3972
Email: stmarysmlfoodpantry@yahoo.com

Director: Terry Berardi
Clergy in Charge: Claire Woodley

The Community Food Pantry at St. Mary’s Mohegan Lake provides an average of 124 families a week with nutritious food. In 2016, the Pantry received a Program Investment grant for a renovation project to install a walk-in freezer and expand the food distribution area, allowing the Pantry to accept more food donations and to provide a wider variety of services to its guests.

Community Leadership Academy of Yonkers, San Andres Church, $60,000

Community Leadership Academy of Yonkers
San Andres Church
22 Post Street, Yonkers NY 10705

Phone: 914-963-9523

Program Director: Christian Lutz
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Alejandra Trillos

The Community Leadership Academy of Yonkers (CLAY) seeks to meet the social-emotional and academic needs of the teenaged residents of the largely immigrant neighborhood of Southwest Yonkers. Through weekly sessions and community engagement activities throughout the week, CLAY aims to equip its team of young leaders with the skills they’ll need later in life.

Helping Hands Interfaith Coalition, St. Mary's in Tuxedo, $20,000

Helping Hands Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless
St. Mary’s in Tuxedo

Phone: 845 351 5122
Email: frrobyn@stmarysintuxedo.org

Program Director: Ya’el Williams
Clergy in Charge: Father Richard Robyn

For the last 14 years, Helping Hands of Rockland County has worked to provide homeless individuals with an alternative to life on the streets. A grant from Episcopal Charities helped them to create their new Hope Center, where improved and upgraded facilities will provide stability for both employees and volunteers, allowing them to offer more to homeless guests with improved efficiency due to the centralization of the different aspects of the program.

Hospitality for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals, St. Philip's Harlem, $15,000

Hospitality for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals
St. Philip’s Harlem

Phone: 917-420-1214
Email: st.philips_church@yahoo.com

Program Director: Chloe Breyer
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Canon Terence Lee

One of the most significant challenges faced by New Yorkers returning home from prison is finding and maintaining consistent employment. A multi-year partnership between the Harlem Community Justice Center, The Interfaith Center of New York, and St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, the Hospitality program offers re-entry services to the recently incarcerated as they reintegrate into society. A grant from Episcopal Charities helped the program expand job training, preparation and access to technology.

Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, Christ's Church of Rye, $15,000

Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison
Christ’s Church of Rye

2 Rectory Street, Rye, NY 10580

Phone: 914-941-0794
Email: spica@hudsonlink.org
Web: www.hudsonlink.org

Director: Sean Pica
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Bob Flanagan

Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, an outreach partner of Christ’s Church of Rye, is an organization working to help incarcerated people pursue undergraduate degrees while in prison. In 2017, Hudson Link received a Program Investment grant to fund the creation of a computer lab at Shawangunk Correctional Facility. This resource will help students in pursuit of their degrees, as well as reducing the computer literacy gap often experienced by incarcerated people.

Jones Educational Support Center, Christ Church Riverdale, $40,000

Jones Educational Support Center
Christ Church Riverdale

Phone: 347-316-3383
Email: my4jonquils@aol.com

Program Director: Marcia Blaize Callender
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Andrew G. Butler III

Episcopal Charities provided a startup grant for this new ministry, an after-school program targeting recently arrived immigrant youth and English language learners. The Jones Educational Support Center will offer academic and wellness support to immigrant and other economically challenged Bronx students, narrowing the educational opportunity gap with privileged peers. Through direct volunteer-based literacy instruction and in partnership with Prep for Prep, the Jones Center will contribute to the educational achievement of its students.

New York Common Pantry, Church of the Heavenly Rest, $15,000

The New York Common Pantry
The Church of the Heavenly Rest

2 East 90th Street, New York, NY 10028

Phone: 917-720-9701
Email: sgrimaldi@nycommonpantry.org

Director: Stephen Grimaldi
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Matt Heyd

Since 1980, the New York Common Pantry has been helping provide nutritious food to New Yorkers in need. In 2017, they received a Program Investment grant from Episcopal Charities to help fund the creation of a new choice pantry in the South Bronx. This project, undertaken in partnership with the Church of the Heavenly Rest and the Banana Kelly Neighborhood Improvement Association, will allow NYCP to expand its reach into one of the most high-need areas of the city.

Ossining Emergency Shelter, St. Paul's-on-the-Hill / Trinity Ossining, $25,000

Ossining Emergency Shelter
St. Paul’s-on-the-Hill, Ossining / Trinity Church, Ossining

40 Ganung Drive, Ossining, NY 10562

Phone: 914-941-6627
Email: revcoopr@gmail.com

Clergy-in-Charge: The Rev. Cooper Conway

In 2016, Trinity Church Ossining and the Church of St. Paul’s-on-the-Hill received a Program Investment grant to help launch a new outreach ministry: an overnight  shelter hosted by a rotating group of religious organizations, to provide the homeless population of Ossining with warm beds during the winter months. Our grant helped to provide a van to transport guests, as well as to fund a staff position for a bilingual shelter manager.

RDJ Refugee Shelter, St. Mary's Harlem, $3,200

Robert Daniel Jones Memorial Refugee Shelter
St. Mary’s Church, Harlem
521 W 126th St, New York NY 11218

Email: admin@rdjrefugeeshelter.org

Program Director: Edafe Okporo
Clergy in Charge: Rev. Mary Foulke

The RDJ Refugee Shelter serves a community of refugees and asylum seekers, providing case management, resources, and a safe place to sleep. A grant from Episcopal Charities allowed the RDJ Refugee Shelter to purchase computers and software to establish safe, secure data and communication systems in order to increase their capacity to serve vulnerable refugee and asylum seeking clients.

The Rondout Valley Food Pantry, Christ the King, Stone Ridge $10,000

The Rondout Valley Food Pantry
Christ the King Episcopal Church, Stone Ridge

20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Phone: 845-901-8103
Email: alisonquin@hotmail.com
Web: www.rvfoodpantry.org

Director: Sue Bruck
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Alison Quin

In 2018, the Rondout Valley Food Pantry received a grant to undertake a kitchen renovation project. This project, which will create more space for cooking and food storage, will allow the pantry to partner with local growers and expand the church’s feeding ministry.

St. Ann's After School and Freedom School, Bronx $20,000

St. Ann’s After School and Freedom School
St. Ann’s Church, Bronx

1905 Morris Ave, Bronx, NY 10466

Phone: 917-569-2279
Email: overallmartha@me.com

Program Director: Wendy Canas
Clergy-in-Charge: The Rev. Martha Overall

St. Ann’s Church provides a variety of vital youth programming to students in the poorest congressional district in the country. In 2016, they received a Program Investment Grant for the renovation of their computer lab. This renovation project will allow St. Ann’s to provide students with high-quality technology classes and computer literacy skills to help improve their educational outcomes.

St. Edmund's Youth Programs, Bronx $30,000

St. Edmund’s Youth Programs
St. Edmund’s Church, Bronx

940 East 156th Street, Bronx, NY 10455

Phone: 718-466-9370
Email: stedyouthpro@hotmail.com

Program Director: Elaine Bedminster

Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Benjamin Nnaji

St. Edmund’s provides summer and after school programming to children and families in the Bronx. In  2016, they received a Program Investment grant for the purchase of computers and the hiring of a bilingual tutor in order to better meet their students’ educational needs.

St. George's Food Pantry, Newburgh $1,900

St. George’s Food Pantry
St. George’s Church, Newburgh

105 Grant St., Newburgh NY, 12550

Phone: 646-573-2684
Email: dustintrowbridge@hotmail.com

Program Director: Alan Nucifore

Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Dustin Trowbridge

Summer Camp at Christ Church, Christ Church Poughkeepsie $24,000

Summer Camp at Christ Church
Christ Church, Poughkeepsie

20 Carroll St., Poughkeepsie NY, 12601

Phone: 845-452-8220
Email: revsf@aol.com
Web: christchurchpok.org/summercamp

Director: Jane Barber Smith
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Susan Fortunato

In 2016, Christ Church Poughkeepsie received a three-year Program Investment grant to help create a year-round staff position for a Summer Camp Executive Director. This staff position will provide stability and sustainability for this vital program, which provides much-needed summer programming to children and families in Poughkeepsie.

In 2016, the St. George’s Food Pantry received a Program Investment Grant for the purchase of a new commercial freezer. This quadrupled the Pantry’s storage space, which allowed them to become less dependent on canned foods and to offer more fresh and frozen vegetables.

Washington Heights Choir School, Holyrood Episcopal Church $60,000

Washington Heights Choir School
Holyrood Episcopal Church

715 W 179 Street, New York, NY 10033

Phone: 917 697 7056
Email: lbarrios@jjay.cuny.edu

Director: Amaranta Viera
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Dr. Luis Barrios

The Washington Heights Choir School, a ministry of Holyrood Episcopal Church, provides music education, homework help, and a safe, enriching community for neighborhood students and families. In 2018, they received a Program Investment grant from Episcopal Charities to create a staff position for an experienced Program Director to increase program sustainability.

Young at Arts, Christ Church Bronxville, $30,000

Young at Arts
Christ Church Bronxville
17 Sagamore Rd Bronxville, NY 10708

Phone: 914-310-7026
Email: sharyn@youngatartsny.org
Website: youngatartsny.org

Program Director: Sharyn Pirtle
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Michael A. Bird

The Young at Arts program runs daily after school with programs in instrumental and vocal music, dance and drama. Students receive private instruction, along with group instruction and participate in multiple performances and master classes through out the year. With the help of a grant from Episcopal Charities, Young at Arts was able to expand the program in order to serve youth from a local Boys’ and Girls’ Club.