October Sustainability Workshop: Building Your Development Plan

October Sustainability Workshop: Building Your Development Plan

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“Fundraising is not about transactions, it’s about building relationships”

This month, Episcopal Charities hosted our annual fundraising workshop as part of the Sustainability Institute series. The subject was Building Your Development Plan and the presenter, Henry Enright, Director of Development.

The point of the workshop was for Episcopal Charities grantees to take a step back from the day to day work of running an outreach program look at the big picture of their programs’ fundraising needs, with time allotted for attendees to draft an annual development plan for their programs. The workshop also functioned as a networking opportunity. As Henry said, fundraising is not about transactions, it’s about building relationships.

Henry also shared his expertise on topics such as identifying untapped constituencies, listening to donors to understand motivations, and utilizing slow periods to accomplish writing tasks.

Episcopal Charities offers an annual workshop on fundraising to help our programs along the path to financial sustainability. With varying budgets, structures, and staffing, each program is different. The workshop gave each participants an opportunity to create a plan to meet their own organization’s needs.

The workshop was held twice, once in Manhattan, and once at Christ Church in Poughkeepsie, to whom we would like to extend our thanks for their hospitality.

To view Henry’s presentation on Building Your Development Plan, click here.

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