Safe Church Training

We believe that protecting the children and adults in our programs is paramount. Therefore, as of 2016, Episcopal Charities requires all grantees to submit a copy of program policies related to sexual misconduct and sexual abuse prevention. Programs can meet this requirement by following the policies of the Episcopal Diocese of New York as outlined in the document “Sexual Misconduct in the Church: What are the Rules and How it is Handled

Thus, Episcopal Charities strongly recommends that  all staff and volunteers of our grantee programs attend training on sexual abuse awareness and prevention. The Episcopal Diocese of New York offers Safe Church Training  using the Safeguarding Training Series published by the Church Pension Fund. A free online training course is available, and the diocese regularly conducts low-cost in-person workshops. Questions about Safe Church training can be directed to Mr. Andrew Gary, Safeguarding Online Manager at (212) 932-7322 or by e-mail.

Click here to view the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s Policies on Sexual Misconduct.

Online Training

Safeguarding Online is a free, web-based, comprehensive sexual misconduct awareness and prevention training program. This free online training offers short, focused courses that can normally be completed in 30-45 minutes. Courses can be completed from any location where a high speed Internet connection is available. Each participating church or site has a local administrator who signs up trainees and monitors their progress. Click here for the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s recommendations for who should take what courses.

In-Person Training Opportunities

The Episcopal Diocese of New York provides low-cost in-person Safe Church workshops. Dates and locations are posted on the diocesan website.