Episcopal Charities offers two annual grant cycles: Basic Human Needs in the Fall, and Youth Opportunity Grants in the Spring.

In 2017, we began offering special grants including Program Investment Grants for capacity building projects or new ministries, and Professional Development Grants for staff and volunteer training.

Our grant-making process builds strong relationships with our programs and ensures good stewardship of grant funds.

Check our eligibility requirements to see if your organization or project is eligible for a grant.

New applicants to Episcopal Charities or those who have not applied in the past three years are required to attend an online orientation session. Orientation sessions are offered monthly. For upcoming dates, click here. To register, click here.

Basic Human Needs grants support parish-based human services programs that address the specific needs of diverse communities throughout the diocese, including:


Apply for a Basic Human Needs grant.

Youth Opportunity Grants are awarded to parish-based outreach programs addressing the needs of children and youth in communities throughout the diocese, including:

Apply for a Youth Opportunity grant.

Program Investment Grants support capacity building projects and new ministries in outreach programs affiliated with parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of New York, including:

      • Space upgrades
      • Equipment purchases
      • New staff positions
      • Seed money for new programs, with a special preference for collaborative projects


Apply for a Program Investment Grant.

Professional Development Grants assist programs to provide high-quality professional development training to staff and volunteers in the areas of:

      • Non-profit Management, including governance and human resources, volunteer management, financial management, fundraising and communications
      • Program Development, including advocacy, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation; and program specific trainings


Apply for a Professional Development Grant.

Episcopal Charities is also administering All Our Children grants in partnership with Trinity Wall Street. The All Our Children Initiative engages public schools and Episcopal parishes in partnerships for education and growth. You can read about our current All Our Children grantees on the Children’s Academic Enrichment page and the Children’s Arts page. We are not currently accepting new applicants for this grant program.

At the behest of our Board of Directors, we respond to natural disasters or other emergencies affecting the New York area. For example, in 2012 we offered Hurricane Sandy rebuilding grants  in communities devastated by Superstorm Sandy.