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Basic Questions

How big are the churches and programs that Episcopal Charities funds?
Episcopal Charities provides funding for one of the largest soup kitchens in America, and we also provide funding for a shelter for homeless refugees that serves less than thirty people per year. Our grants reach a wide range of programs and churches. No program is too big or small, as long as it is making a difference in its community.  Learn more about our programs here.

How many programs do you fund each year?
Thanks to contributions from generous supporters, we are able to fund and support more programs every year. In 2015, we’re supporting 98 programs in every corner of the 10-county Episcopal Diocese of New York.  Learn more about our programs here.

What does Episcopal Charities do besides give money to outreach programs?
Episcopal Charities is far more than just a funding agency. We also provide quarterly educational and networking workshops, and we match programs across the diocese with dedicated volunteers. Our staff are happy to consult with you and connect your program with the right resources. We are here to strengthen the grassroots outreach of the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

Do you give grants or funding to individuals?
Episcopal Charities can only give grants to parish-based outreach programs. We do not provide funding or grants for individuals.

To read more about our eligibility requirements, click here.

Grant Application Process

My outreach program operates inside a church. How can I make sure that it follows your grant guidelines that it be “non-sectarian”?
In the true spirit of outreach, every Episcopal Charities program is free of religious content, welcoming one and all with open arms. Participants, staff, volunteers and clients in our programs are not required to say prayers, sing religious songs, or attend worship services. As long as the program meets these requirements, the fact that it is located inside a church does not violate our guidelines.

Episcopal Charities does not fund parish-based programs that are intended for church members only (such as Sunday schools, church retreats, or church choirs). Grant funds for such programs are available from other sources – see the list above.

How do I fill out the grant application budget?
Detailed instructions can be found here. If you need help, ask our staff.

Your forms ask that we list our “priest in charge.” What if we don’t have clergy at our church right now?
 If your parish is not staffed by a member of the clergy, wardens and/or vestry members may substitute. Just indicate that on your forms.

What does a “site visit” entail?
Episcopal Charities’ Advisory Committee and staff visit every program annually as part of the grant application process. We will usually contact each program to schedule a visit during the month after grant applications are due. In some cases, we might speak to you about your application over the phone, and visit your program later in the year.

Site visits are a chance for you to show off your program. Each visit lasts about an hour and we make every effort to visit at a convenient time during program operation. We will observe the program in action and then sit down with program leadership to discuss your grant application, your goals, and your challenges.  We encourage you to involve staff, volunteer leaders, clergy and parish lay leadership in these conversations.

To read about our grant making process, click here.

Grant Disbursal

What is required of a program once a grant is awarded?

The parish’s clergy-in-charge and the director of the program must sign the grant contract included with the award letter.

Attendance at appropriate Sustainability Institute workshops is required. You can find the workshop schedule here.

Funds must be used as described in the grant application. If the program changes significantly, or if funds would be used other than as described, Episcopal Charities should be notified immediately, and grant checks should not be cashed. In such situations, Episcopal Charities may withdraw the grant.

Parish and program leadership are expected to cooperate in good stewardship of Episcopal Charities grant awards. Episcopal Charities may require a program to provide a self-evaluation and/or an audited accounting of grant funds awarded and/or an itemized accounting of all receipts and disbursements. If concerns arise about a program or a parish’s administrative or financial controls, Episcopal Charities may withdraw the grant.

How are grant funds disbursed?
 Basic Human Needs grants are disbursed to parishes in two installments, in March and September.

Youth Opportunity grants to summer programs are disbursed to parishes in July.

Youth Opportunity grants to school-year programs are disbursed to parishes in two installments, in September and March.

If my outreach program received a grant from you last year, may I apply for a grant again this year?
Yes. Programs that have received funding in the past are always invited to apply again. However, you must fill out a new application and report on progress made towards the goals you listed in last year’s application.