6 Reasons to Take Part in Episcopal Charities Sunday

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Episcopal Charities Sunday is May 11th, Mother’s Day.  It’s how our Diocese celebrates and supports the parish outreach programs that feed our hungry neighbors. By now, your parish has received posters, collection envelopes and informational materials to help your congregation observe Episcopal Charities Sunday. Here are six reasons we hope your parish will take part:

  1. Because Bishop Dietsche has called upon every parish to participate. It’s right in his letter. The Bishop has made outreach a priority in the Diocese of New York and he wants you to join in that mission.
  2. Because too many New Yorkers are hungry.  As churches, we support people in need across the globe, but we also remember that hunger happens in our own communities. In fact, hunger threatens 845,000 people living within the footprint of the Diocese.
  3. To honor our mothers and their care for us. Your donation can honor your mother or the caring women in your life – and will help women throughout the Diocese feed their families and loved ones.
  4. Because it reminds us we are all part of one body. Last year, 50% of churches in the Episcopal Diocese of New York took part in Episcopal Charities Sunday, collectively raising over $60,000 to support vital feeding programs. Although our individual churches may each only have one or two outreach ministries, together we as the Diocese of New York support nearly one hundred programs from Staten Island to Woodstock. It takes everyone working together to reach so many communities.
  5. Because feeding the hungry is a Gospel mandate.  Simply put, our task as Christians is to feed and care for the most vulnerable among us – this is how we encounter Christ. [Matthew 25:35]
  6. To raise awareness. Episcopal Charities Sunday doesn’t just raise money, it also raises awareness of the issues faced by those struggling to feed themselves and their families. Urban, rural or suburban, hunger is affecting our communities and our parishes. Check out our fact sheet on hunger in the Diocese to learn more.

We hope you’ll join us on May 11th in celebration of Episcopal Charities Sunday.

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