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For all children success in school is central to success in life.  For families in under-resourced communities finding a path to success can be daunting.  That’s where our Children’s Academic Enrichment programs come in.

Our programs comprise a variety of summer, after-school and weekend offerings.  Each takes special care to work with individual students’ unique challenges.  A number of our programs have formal relationships with their local public schools.  In every case our programs work to address the specific educational and tutorial needs of the young people we serve, helping them to build a foundation for future achievement.

Children’s Academic Enrichment programs awarded funding for Summer 2016 or the 2016-17 school year include:


Brighter Futures Mentoring Program of Lifting Up Westchester,** Grace Church, White Plains $18,500

Brighter Futures Mentoring Program of Lifting Up Westchester
Grace Church, White Plains

35 Orchard Street, White Plains, NY 10603

Phone:  914-420-6265
Email:  etpepsi@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.liftingupwestchester.org/

Director:  Ms. Eileen Torres
Clergy in Charge:  The Rev. Richard Kunz

Hours of Operation:  Monday through Thursday, 3:30  to 8:00 pm

The Brighter Futures Mentoring program of Lifting Up Westchester is an after school educational enrichment and college preparation program for homeless and low-income children ages 5-18. Among this particularly vulnerable population, the efforts of caring staff and volunteers have paid off in the form of improved grades, decreasing truancy and drop-out rates, and increased likelihood of attending and completing college. In 2014, the program launched a new literacy effort for younger children, with the expectation that this early investment will promote academic success later in life.

Freedom School Summer Program, St. Ann's, Bronx $18,900

Freedom School Summer Program
St. Ann’s Church of Morrisania, Bronx

295 St. Ann’s Ave, Bronx, NY 10454

Phone: 718-585-5632
Email: wendycanas@msn.com

Coordinator: Ms. Wendy Canas
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Martha Overall

Hours of Operation: (Summer only) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

St. Ann’s free six-week summer program is part of the national Freedom School network. The network’s mission is to promote civic participation among young children and their families and to foster a love of reading that leads to academic excellence. Episcopal Charities support helps St. Ann’s to pay the program’s young, dedicated student counselors. Counselors develop leadership skills at a week-long national training and put their knowledge to work over the summer, providing structure, encouragement, and personal attention to students within the context of a carefully developed curriculum.

GO Project, Grace Church, Manhattan $14,000

GO Project
Grace Church, Manhattan

487 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

Phone: 347-377-2314
Email: eahdoot@goprojectnyc.org
Web: www.goprojectnyc.org

Director: Erica Ahdoot
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. J. Donald Waring

Hours of Operation: GO Summer operates for five weeks during the summer from 8AM-6PM on Monday-Friday. GO School operates from October -April, for a total of 22 Saturdays from 9:30AM-12:30PM. GO Fundamentals runs from February-April, for a total of 10 Saturdays from 1:00PM-3:00PM during GO School. GO Families services are provided year round and on an as needed basis.

The GO Project shapes the futures of under-resourced New York City public school children by providing them critical academic, social and emotional support starting in the early elementary years. GO provides year-round educational and family support services to children struggling in school, serving up to 600 students (K-8) through weekend and summer intensive programing. Small classes taught by professional educators contribute to remarkable learning improvement over time.

GO-St. Luke's Tutoring, Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Manhattan $9,700

Go-St. Luke’s Tutoring
Church of St. Luke in the Fields, Manhattan

487 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

Phone: 212-924-0562
Email: mfoulke@stlukeinthefields.org
Web: http://www.stlukeinthefields.org/make-a-difference/on-the-block

Director: The Rev. Emily Phillips Lloyd
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Caroline M. Stacey

Hours of Operation: Saturdays 9:30am-11:30pm, October-May

Go-St. Luke’s provides high quality, intensive, one-on-one academic tutoring to capable but underachieving public school students in grades 2 through 7. Individual attention helps students acquire essential skills appropriate to their grade level in reading, writing, and math, and a supportive, responsive environment nurtures children’s natural love of learning.

Homework Buddies, Christ Church, Poughkeepsie $2,000

Homework Buddies
Christ Church, Poughkeepsie

20 Carroll Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Phone: 845-473-6427
Email: rector@christchurchpok.org
Web: www.christchurchpok.org/summercamp

Director: The Rev. Susan Fortunato
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Susan Fortunato

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays, 2:45 pm – 5:00 pm, September-June

Homework Buddies is a new project that builds on the relationship established between Christ Church and Clinton Elementary School through the All Our Children initiative. Addressing both the children’s academic and nutritional needs, up to 15 students will receive homework assistance once a week through the academic year. In addition, their families will receive a take-home meal cooked by Christ Church volunteers.

Jubilee Enrichment Program of the Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Manhattan $8,000

Jubilee Enrichment Program
Church of Our Savior, Manhattan

48 Henry Street, New York, NY 10002

Phone: 212-233-2899
Email: pchin@oursaviorny.org
Web: www.ecoserve.org

Director: Pamela Chin
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Noel Bordador

Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri., 2:30 pm – 7:00 pm, September-June

The Jubilee Afterschool Program was established by Our Savior and P.S. 124 through the All Our Children Initiative. Five days per week, from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm, 60 elementary school children, primarily English Language Learners from Chinese immigrant families, come to Our Savior to receive homework help and enrichment lessons in computers, penmanship, leadership, and team building skills. Childcare is also provided during school vacation.

Learning Center, St. Peter's, Port Chester $12,900

Learning Center
St. Peter’s Church, Port Chester

19 Smith Street, Port Chester, NY 10573

Phone: 917-449-1843
Email: bibi1440@aol.com

Director: Irene Brito
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Hilario Albert

Hours of Operation: Mon. – Fri., 3:00 – 6:00 pm

The Learning Center at St. Peter’s Church serves a constantly changing immigrant and low-income population in Port Chester. Elementary-age children from local schools enjoy academic assistance in small groups, along with enrichment activities in the arts and computer instruction.

Manhattan North IPC Summer Educational Project $4,600

Summer Educational Project
Manhattan North Interparish Council

Program Site: All Soul’s Episcopal Church, 88 St. Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10026

Phone:  646-796-5065
Email: rwillia16@schools.nyc.gov

Director:  Ms. Rosetta Williams
Chairperson:  Diane B. Pollard

Hours of Operation:  Six weeks in July and August, 9.00-3.30 pm Monday-Friday

The Summer Educational Project is a collaborative effort of the Episcopal parishes of upper Manhattan. In operation for over twenty years, the camp provides an academically enriched summer program for children ages 5 to 15. Activities focus on improving skills in language arts, reading and writing, math, technology, and public speaking; lessons are complemented by educational field trips to local institutions.

San Andres' After School Program,** Yonkers $14,600

San Andres’ After School Program
Iglesia San Andres, Yonkers

22 Post Street, Yonkers, NY 10705

Phone:  914-963-9523
Email: sanandresafterschool@gmail.com

Director:  Myriam Choate
Clergy in Charge:  The Rev. Yamily Bass Choate
Hours of Operation:  Mon. – Fri., 3:00 – 6:00 pm

In Southwest Yonkers, San Andres’ after school program serves a predominantly low-income and Hispanic/Latino population. More than thirty children attend this year-long program for one-on-one homework help, literacy and math tutoring (including support for English language learners), and a variety of arts and science enrichment activities. Strong community partnerships enable San Andres to provide crucial support to families as well, including classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) and parent advocacy meetings.

St. Andrew's After School Program, Bronx $3,800

St. Andrew’s After School Program
St. Andrew’s Church, Bronx

781 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473

Phone: 718-863-2244
Email: averdejo511@gmail.com

Director: Mr. Antonio Verdejo
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Dr. Yesupathaam Duraikannu

Hours of Operation: Mondays-Fridays, 2:30-6:30pm

Begun in 1977, St. Andrew’s After School program is an exciting and enriching extension of in-school learning, serving up to sixty children ages 4 to 12. Academic tutoring and homework help is complemented by a rich variety of activities including arts and crafts, dance and movement, computer and technology education, cooking, and games.

St. Ann's After School Program, Bronx $19,400

St. Ann’s After School Program
St. Ann’s Church, Bronx

295 St. Ann’s Ave, Bronx, NY 10454

Phone: 718-585-5632
Email: wendycanas@msn.com

Coordinator: Ms. Wendy Canas
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Martha Overall

Hours of Operation: Every School Day, 2:30pm-6:00pm

Serving the families of the nation’s poorest congressional district for over thirty years, St. Ann’s after school program nurtures a life-sustaining community for 100 children throughout the school year. The program provides a nutritious snack and a hot supper to every child, followed by a balanced schedule of academic support and recreational activities in small, supportive groups.

St. Edmund's After School Program, Bronx $4,000

St. Edmund’s After School Program
St. Edmund’s Church, Bronx

1905 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453

Phone: 718-299-7567
Email: stedmund@optimum.net

Program Director: Ms. Elaine Bedminster
Clergy-in-Charge: The Rev. Benjamin Nnaji
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 2:30 pm- 6:00 pm

St. Edmund’s After School Program provides supervised care, homework help, and a variety of enrichment activities for 40 children in one of the poorest parts of New York City. Children receive a nutritious daily meal and attention from experienced, dedicated staff in a safe, positive environment.

St. Margaret's After School Program, Bronx $4,800

St. Margaret’s After School Program
St. Margaret’s Church, Bronx

940 E. 156th St., Bronx, NY 10455

Phone: 718-589-4430
Email: smecbx@verizon.net

Director: Mrs. Patricia L. Bryant
Clergy in Charge: The Rev. Theodora Brooks

Hours of Operation: Mondays-Fridays, 2:30 – 6:00 pm–including school half days

Located in an under served, low-income neighborhood, St. Margaret’s after school program is a safe and healthy landing place for children at the end of the school day. Academic support and enrichment activities, along with a healthy snack, are provided to up to fifty students daily, and a variety of family support services, including an exercise class, are offered to parents.

**Denotes programs receiving Youth Opportunity and All Our Children funding.

All other programs are funded through a Youth Opportunity grant.

All Our Children

All Our Children is a joint project of the Diocese of New York, Episcopal Charities, and Trinity Wall Street. Now a national program, the goal of All Our Children is to encourage parishes to create partnerships with their local public schools– and build bridges to their community– to strengthen public schools by educating the whole child. Trinity provides funds to allow Episcopal Charities to grant $5,000 per year to congregations within the Diocese of New York to initiate a partnership with a local public school.  The All Our Children network also gathers regularly to share ideas and grow together.